Most frequent questions and answers

How is the course designed?

The course is designed in a way to prepare you to share the beauty of meditation with the world right after completing your training.

What meditations will we teach?

  • We will teach you Guided, Active and Passive meditations ranging from Yogic, Vedantic, Tibetan, Sufi, Zen and the meditations given by Lord Shiva in ancient Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Tradition.
  • Apart from these we also cover contemporary mindful meditations like mindful yoganidra, mindful laughter yoga, mindfulness developing meditation and how to make mindfulness a regular practice
  • Synchronicity meditations with natural elements like full moon meditation, five elements meditation, light meditation, color meditation, and Chakra energy related meditations.
  • Chakra Sounds, OM Chanting, and Kriyas
  • Meditative breathwork techniques from Buddhist, Sufi and tantra traditions to immediately calm the mind and enhance the energy level.
  • Dance meditations like chakra dance, kirtan, inner expressions.

What would the training cover?.

The training would cover all the backstage aspects of:

  • How to hold a class/workshop
  • How to create the group energy
  • How to motivate people to meditate
  • How to create content and promote
  • Every other related aspect will be covered.

What will you get?

  • Worldwide Meditation Teacher Certification
  • Lifetime Meditation Usage + Group and Individual Teaching License
  • Lifelong group support
  • And you will get a few specials as mentioned below:
  • Meditation Script – You will get the scripts of all the meditations you will learn during the training along with the music.
  • Books – you will get three books written by Master Dev OM.
  • The Cosmic Energy and Chakra – that’s about chakra therapy and how to manage your chakra energy naturally and how to connect with the universe and all the natural resources including the five elements.
  • 21 Meditations for Empowerment – this includes 21 meditations along with the detailed scripts covering different aspects of human consciousness including physical wellness, emotional wellness, and mental wellness.
  • The Light – this is a guidebook helpful for your inner transformation and spiritual growth. It covers the topic ranging from Sadhna, karma, bidirectional consciousness, the functioning of the mind, and how to become a divine being.
  • Master’s Music Library – 
  • Class Video Recordings – r notes, revise and the entire course + have a ready reference for your life
  • Workshop Designs – 
  • Authentic and Heartful Teachings – from the renowned meditation masters.

I am new to meditation. Can I join?

Yes absolutely. Our course is designed to support a newcomer as well as an experienced meditator, and in fact, it will help you to develop an authentic spiritual practice in your life.

How this course can help me in my personal life and personal growth?

Participants of this course usually experience:

  • A lifetime shift of energy 
  • A deep self-discovery process
  • An amazing time of simple friendliness, total acceptance of your being, nonjudgmental atmosphere, sense of increasing peace and bliss inside and the abundance of pure Himalayan meditative energies.
  • Discovering your inner strength and true potential.
  • Becoming deeply connected with your true Self.
  • Develop a lifelong friendship and be part of an amazing support group with your fellow participants from all over the world.
  • A shift on a higher spiritual level in your practices.
  • A great improvement in your communication skills where you will start to speak from your heart, can express yourself honestly and clearly, can understand others truthfully and be understood.

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