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Satsang With Dev OM

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Satsang with Dev OM – QA in the class

The spontaneous questions students ask in the class during the open house or casual sharing sessions.


Q. Master Dev! Please tell me in one line that how can I remain happy always. Please don’t give me long practices.

Dev OM: Wow! OK dear! I like your conditions of getting the answer. In one line- Don’t try to be important. Instead, try to be loving and you will remain happy always if you can manage to do this.


Q. Dev ji, Can anyone steal our energies? For example a disturbing video or unhappy person.

Dev OM: Dear Gaity, not steal but they can cause a great energy leakage. That’s why we need to make our mind and heart strong enough by meditating.


Q: Today when I meditated there was a pic of Lord Buddha meditating all along. And then there was only light. Is it OK Dev to have the pic of Lord Buddha in mind while meditating?

Dev OM: Dear, mind projects whatever it relates to. If it is a positive image and gives you an energy boost, then you can work with it. You should check if that mental image is giving you a better energy status. Buddha, Christ, Shiva etc are supposed to give a positive impact for mind generally. So it’s ok. There is no other meaning.

In the advanced stage of meditation, when the mind is absolutely free then it is free from both – positive or negative projections also. That mind is permanently peaceful – seeking no outer dependencies. As you progress in your meditation you will start to experience a more peaceful mind. Love n light.


Q. How to deal with urges?

Dev OM: Go through them in awareness. Recognise their fruitfulness or futility. In either case, remain free. Remain the master.

Q. How to do that?

Dev OM: Know that you are not the ‘urge’. Whether fruitful or futile, it is going to pass. It is only a wave arising in the ocean of your being. However dear it may feel to you, it is not ‘you’ and it is going to finish. The ocean remains still in its depth, and you should remain unmovable in your depths.


Q: What is the importance of love in our life?

Dev OM: Love is the base feeling with which we all are born. Love, Peace, and Happiness these are three base feelings and that’s why we call them ‘the soul nature’. Through love, we connect with others and through peace, we connect with our self. Happiness and fulfillment is the result of that connection. So if the connection is missing, the happiness and fulfillment in life are also missing. This is the reason why love makes us feel more connected, gives us soul fulfillment and invokes deepest of happiness within us as similar to peace. So love is the vital need to be alive, happy and fulfilled in this world. Love n light to you


Q: Does consciousness need the energy to expand?

Dev OM: The consciousness does not bother about energy coz it is the energy itself. ‘Need the energy to expand’ is based on the idea that the consciousness depends on some external energy.

The consciousness is always absolutely free. Free from all the wishes/desires and can enjoy whatever is in the moment.

So when you become ready and empowered to enjoy whatever is there in the moment, Can say yes to life, can accept and celebrate the life in its wholeness then your consciousness is expanding. Love n light.


Q: Does going through suffering mean that we are overcoming our karma?

Dev OM: No. But handling the suffering in a better manner than before, and understanding our shortcomings, increasing our awareness and then coming out of the suffering successfully – this means that we are overcoming our Karma. Only suffering does not end the Karma. Suffering comes because you need to learn something. Suffering ends when you learn that lesson and grow in your consciousness. Also, it is important not to complain towards life and to develop a deep gratitude for life/divine in all situations.