Dev OM Mindfulness & Meditation International School, Yoga Niketan Ashram, Ram Jhula, Rishikesh, India

Recognised Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher Certificate Training & Retreats Online & In-Person for True Seekers

Learn from the Master - Become a realized Meditation Master yourself.

Become Certified Meditation Trainer Experience Deeper State of Meditation + Design & Hold Your Own Meditation Workshops & Sessions


Dev OM Meditation Teacher Training uses a very practical approach and an interactive methodology


The entire course includes extensive practice in live sessions by each participant


This course also works as a journey of self-discovery where students often discover their hidden potential and amazing spiritual capabilities.

Why Dev OM Meditation Teacher Training

There are many many reasons that our thousands of students vouch for.  USPs we offer.


Each meditation and methodology Dev OM teaches is experienced and realized by him and have been developed by extensive research and personal experiments.


The course is recognized worldwide. This course also prepares you to experience in-depth meditation for yourself and in depth delivery for others.


All the students are provided with lifetime meditation usage license of all the guided meditations taught in the Meditation Teacher Training and developed by Dev OM


Each student becomes a part of our students’ sangha and is provided with all type of required support by the peer group and from the school.


We provide enough material, notes, books, music, CDs, workshop designs, Pictures from your sessions and promotion ideas so that you feel ready to deliver from day one of completing the course.


100 hours of extensive training and practice, all the students become just ready to deliver.


Dev OM

A realized meditation master! 

Dev OM is a friendly meditation master, author, and a Himalayan yogi. Trained directly by the greats like Dalai Lama, Thich-Nhat-Than and Mother Teresa, he has dedicated his life to spread the light of meditaiton in the world. Dev OM has given trainings and talks in 36 countries worldwide. He has helped several thousand of newbies to turn into meditators and has given spiritual coaching to hundreds of people in his 15 years of working. He has 12 published books on meditation, chakras, energies and spiritual evolution with half of them being Amazon bestsellers.

More about Dev OM

21 Meditations

for Empowerment & Meditation for New Age Man

These books are a must for all the Meditators, Meditation Teachers and Masters, Seekers and Healers. They have powerful do-it-yourself Meditation practices which are developed by Master Dev OM for Spiritual growth & Self-healing.  They are practical and profound Meditation practices for beginners to advance practitioners. Both the books come with a guided Color Meditation and Inner Light Meditaiton track guided by the master himself.

Student Experience with Dev OM Meditation Teacher Training

We are glad to have such amazing students, always. We thank all of you and wish you the best.

I can’t describe in words how this Meditation Teacher Training with Dev OM was a magnificent life-changing experience Connecting with such beautiful souls in the group, I have learned and experienced so much. With deep gratitude, I became not only a Meditation Master but a Master of my Life. I am ready and excited to share with you all soon this knowledge and celebration of Life

Lysa-Marie Morin


Thank you Dev OM. You are the best teacher. Long live your cuteness

Jess Kaur


Dev OM is master and life coach who teaches not from books but from his heart. He lives what he teaches and you can really feel it. Thank you for the opportunity to learn from you and hope to see you again! much love

Simona Kupetiene



From Google Reviews:

  • 5 star review  Dev is simple a magical person that you will want to take home with you at the end of your program. The meditation teacher training that Dev Om provides is spectacular, full of mindfulness and insight to improve your life and the lives of others. After his lessons, you will have a full understanding of many practices on meditation based on the Hindu traditions with a modern approach to apply to current times. His program also provides you a complete package of written and video materials to take home to build your practice and continue your learning.

    thumb yadira perez

    5 star review  Fantastic experience. One of the few places around that specialize in Meditation, without clubbing it with Yoga. In fact, if you ask me, it's much more than just meditation - Dev teaches you how to live life to it's fullest using smart insightful techniques.

    thumb Kanika Bhalla

    5 star review  Did the entire 100HR training ONLINE at the daily pace of the videos. The experience is quite mind blowing! The fact that you can come out with the ability to formulate workshops and the skills to share the techniques is actually just a bonus! Because the gift of feeling yourself EXPAND in such a short period is the real gem of a takeaway. Dev always made me feel he was there to answer my questions with honesty and AUTHENTICITY and also share in my progress and small victories. The SIMPLICITY of the techniques taught belie the fact that they give the most amazing experience without a hint of religiosity while remaining truly PROFOUND. The lessons are very APPROACHABLE and so easy to do on your own and yet here I am utterly transformed after just 10days.

    thumb Cathy Mahusay
  • 5 star review  The OM medidation teacher training was amazing! I recommand this life changing experience to everyone. Thank you Dev for your dedication and authenticity. Love and light 💗✨

    thumb Anne-Sophie Robitaille

    5 star review  Nothing comes close to this. Had a fabulous experience and its best of my life. Intention was to become teacher but what i had experienced is way more than just certification. Managed to leave some masks or blocks i was holding. From bottom of the heart i sincerely thank Master Dev OM for creating great environment for learning, supporting beyond expectation and specially to the journey he took us over 12 days. What i liked most: >> non-judgemetal environment >> 14 beautiful and loving souls >> Master himself ( Dev OM ), and the smile he carries no matter the situation. >> Dev taught us the most important thing over and over, if you feel like doing something, just do it, dont ask for someones acceptance. Overall, never forget the stunning experience. I was having doubt and fear whether attending this retreat is good decision or not and today, after completing, there are no regrets. If you are looking to become better person and at the same time make new career as meditation teacher, Dev OM would be the right choice. Best gift you can give yourself. Pamper Yourself! Love ❤

    thumb Rama Krishna S

    5 star review  It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Things I have learnt there & memories I have gathered there are so priceless. Anyone who has not practised meditation in life, should visit at least once visit Dev Om meditation centre. You learn not only meditation but also your personality develops and changes fully. This course teaches you the tact to deal with life . About Dev, he is an amazing teacher. His approach to teaching is more practical in a friendly way. Always happy and welcoming with a smiling face. He is more of a friend than a Guru or teacher. Overall Dev Om Meditation has changed my life to a great extent.

    thumb Priyanka Bajpai


Training Gallery

Our each training is unique and our every single student is an amazing person. Some of the memorable moments  from our trainings –

Other Books by Dev OM

Dev OM has authored 12 books on Meditation, Spiritual journey, Chakras, Energies and Self help topics. His books have been translated in 7 languages and have been Amazon bestsellers.

THE COSMIC ENERGY & CHAKRAS – Know your power centres

SHIVA SUTRA – The Path to attain Shiva – Consciousness

THE LIGHT – A Complete Guidebook for Spiritual Journey

EK OMKAR – Mysticism Unveiled – The Teachings of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

LIVING THE SUFI – Living The Light, Living the Purity of Heart

BEYOND KARMA – A Spiritual Guidebook for Modern Human


Life Answered – How to progress in your Life & Sadhna

Messages of Life – Daily Contemplations for Activating Spontaneous Growth – 200 days of growth

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