Dev OM Meditation & Happiness Commune, The Lily Resort, Balaknath Temple Road, Tapovan, Rishikesh, India

Meditative Breathwork Master Training

Dev OM Meditation Teacher Certificate Training Rishikesh India, USA, London UK, Montreal Canada - Become a Realized Meditation Teacher

This is your chance to learn Meditative Breathwork in this master training. Come and transform your life, one breath at a time.

Learn from the HImalayan Yogi, A new age modern master from India,  Master Dev OM. Author of 12 spiritual and uplifting books, master teacher to over 10000 free souls, Dev OM is dedicated to liberating souls so that all may live to their full potential of joy and happiness.

For him, spirituality is first and foremost about joy.

Why the breathwork:

Did you know that we take over 23,000 breaths a day? How many of them do you consciously take? However, these breaths are the source of life and they allow you to accomplish everything you do every day! Imagine if you could breathe well, all the energy you would give off. Come reconnect with your source of vitality

The Breathing Master training includes over 25 meditative breathing techniques: Vigyan Bhairav ​​Tantra techniques, Sufi breathing techniques, Yogic breathing, Power breathwork, Zen breathing, Conscious breathing, etc.
These breathing techniques are very powerful and lead the practitioner to develop their external physical awareness and internal mindfulness. It is a deeper connection leading then to experiences of connection / oneness / synchronicity with the entire universe.

They are also very effective techniques to use in company training and to deal with people with mental body imbalances (ex: stress, anxiety, depression, BPD, bipolar, etc.), who find it difficult to let go and allow yourself to connect with subtle things – energy flows.

No one can deny the breath and they feel the immediate meditative / mindfulness effect.

This training provides you with simple and amazing meditation breaths and powerful, fast and effective tools to give an immediate effect and calm the mind within minutes.


Master Dev OM is a non-traditional, non-religious, new age Indian spiritual master who has been spreading the light of mindfulness and meditation around the world in a very practical and modern way for 16 years. His approach and teachings make perfect sense to all urban monks and free souls around the world. His books Beyond Karma, Light, Cosmic Energy and the Chakras and 21 Empowerment Meditations are bestsellers and have shown many scholars the way.

Fees: Euro 200  (To Know Fees in  Indian Rupees Contact Us)

Class format: Self timed and self paced with real class videos along with direct guidance with master on one to one calls