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The world needs many meditation masters if you have a compassion you can be one.

100 / 200 Hours Dev OM Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh India; USA, London, UK; Montreal, Canada


Chakra Therapy, Yoganidra Master Training, Master Breathwork + Shiva Consciousness + Sufi + Heartfulness Meditation Master Training, Advanced Meditation Therapist Training, Mindfulness Coach Training

Experience A Deeper State of Meditation; Become Certified Meditation Master 

Design & Hold Your Own Meditation Workshops & Sessions

“I am not here to create more followers to any person or any tradition. I am here to create fully aware Masters who can become true channels to spread the light of meditation in the World” – Master Dev OM

Upcoming Meditation Teacher Training in India/USA/UK/Canada: 

Meditation Teacher Training Rishikesh batch March 2019

Meditation Teacher Training Rishikesh batch March 2019

Meditation Teacher Training Schedule

(Arrival one day before the start date, Departure the next day of the finish date. We also offer our students an extended stay of up to 3 nights with food for free if they want to stay back and practice meditations 😇🙏)

100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training (Including 7 Chakra Healing Therapy + Yoganidra Master Training):

  • 01 – 08 March 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 03 – 10 April 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 05 – 12 Jul 2022 – (Montreal, Canada)
  • 01 – 08 August 2022 (New York, USA)
  • 05 – 12 Sept 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 01 – 08 Nov 2022 – Rishikesh, India

Sufi + Heartfulness Meditation Master Training:

  • 12 – 17 March 2022 – Rishikesh, India (with Holi celebration on 18th)
  • 15 – 19 April 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 17 – 21 Sept 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 12 – 17 Nov 2022 – Rishikesh, India

200 Hours Mindfulness Coach + Advance Meditation Trainer Training: (Including Master Breathwork + Shiva Consciousness + Heartfulness + Sufi Meditation Master Training) i

  • 01 – 17 March 2022 – Rishikesh, India (with Holi celebration on 18th)
  • 03 – 19 April 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 05 – 21 Sept 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 01 – 17 Nov 2022 – Rishikesh, India

100 Hours Mindfulness Coach + Advance Meditation Trainer Training (for previous students only):

  • 10 – 17 March 2022 – Rishikesh, India (with Holi celebration on 18th)
  • 12 – 19 April 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 14 – 21 Sept 2022 – Rishikesh, India
  • 10 – 17 Nov 2022 – Rishikesh, India

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How is the course designed? – Master Dev OM Explains.

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This meditation teacher training is designed especially for those people who want to share the beauty and light of meditation with the world.

Learn meditations from different traditions:  • Mindfulness• Yogic • Sufi • 7 Chakra Healing Therapy • Breathwork • Buddhist • Tantra • Sound • Nature Meditation • Happiness Module

Course Highlights –

• Experience deeper meditative state • Extensive live practice • Learn from the Master • Lifetime teaching license • Design your own meditations & Courses • Take corporate training/group classes

The Purpose:

100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training: (Including 7 Chakra Healing Therapy + Yoganidra Master Training)

  • The purpose of this training is to make you capable to design, develop and hold your own two to three day’s meditation retreat, one/two day’s meditation workshop, 2-4 hours meditation sessions, and corporate meditation training.
  • This training will develop a deeper level of understanding about meditation, meditative energies, and different meditation techniques.
  • This program also works as an effective tool for your own self-discovery.
  • During the program, students discover their own light and uncover the hidden master in them.

200 Hours Mindfulness Coach + Advanced Meditation Therapist Training: (Including Master Breathwork + Shiva Consciousness + Heartfulness + Sufi Meditation Master Training)

(Admission only after a video chat with Master Dev OM – We do the profiling for this training to keep the advanced energies in the group)

  • You can design, develop and hold intensive 5 or 7 days Meditation retreats, Mindfulness retreats, Emotional Wellness retreats, and Chakra Therapy retreats.
  • It will prepare you to work as a personal Mindfulness coach and Meditation therapist.
  • It will give you the required insight to experiment with meditative energies and to develop your own meditations.
  • It covers Compassionate Communication and other effective tools of emotional healing and developing Compassion.
  • It includes Breathwork Master training and Path of Love meditation therapy.
  • It Includes higher meditations from ancient tradition for a deeper connection with your own consciousness and rapid growth in inner energies.

How is the course designed?

The course is designed in a way to prepare you to share the beauty of meditation with the world right after completing your training.

The Structure:

The course is structured around four levels of mindfulness/awareness, which we need to develop in order to achieve fulfilling life/spiritual growth. These are Mindfulness on Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Levels.

On each level we understand the science/philosophy, do activities/exercises, Do active/passive/guided meditation and then move to the next level. So it’s a very comprehensive and properly structured program, which helps a practitioner to develop a very scientifically proven practice. This approach saves the practitioner from any psychological/emotional side effects. It also proves a great self-discovery/transformation journey for the participants.

It will prepare you for 6 important aspects-

  1. Your experience – you will experience all the meditations in 2 manners –one as a seeker and 2nd as a teacher
  2. Backstage aspects – of designing and developing the sessions and courses
  3. The Teacher – building up the confidence of teaching, the right delivery method, the right tone and pitch, the right and interesting way of presenting
  4. The Class – making students comfortable, making the class interesting, how to answer student’s questions, taking care of the minute things, making it an amazing experience for students.
  5. The Market – The right content, The perfect naming, The right approach to promote, how to recognize the target group.
  6. The Support – After program support, follow-up.

What meditations will we teach?

  • We will teach you Guided, Active and Passive meditations ranging from Yogic, Vedantic, Tibetan, Sufi, Zen and the meditations given by Lord Shiva in ancient Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Tradition.
  • Apart from these we also cover contemporary mindful meditations like mindful yoganidra, mindful laughter yoga, mindfulness developing meditation and how to make mindfulness a regular practice
  • Synchronicity meditations with natural elements like full moon meditation, five elements meditation, light meditation, color meditation, and Chakra energy related meditations.
  • Chakra Sounds, OM Chanting, and Kriyas
  • Meditative breathwork techniques from Buddhist, Sufi and tantra traditions to immediately calm the mind and enhance the energy level.
  • Dance meditations like chakra dance, kirtan, inner expressions.

What would the training cover?

The training would cover all the backstage aspects of

  • how to hold a class/workshop
  • how to create the group energy
  • how to motivate people to meditate
  • how to create content and promote
  • every other related aspect will be covered.

The training covers the basics of meditation like

  • What is Meditation?
  • What is ‘not’ Meditation?
  • What is being in Meditation?
  • How to get in and come out of Meditation?
  • Benefits of meditations – physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual

Along with the practical training to handle the energy of the participants, how to align their expectations to the delivery, how to make them open and connected with the flow of activities and so on.

The Methodology of the training:

  • The training is completely interactive and practice-based.
  • The training happens in a completely non-judgmental and supportive manner.
  • All the meditations and techniques are practically experienced by students as a seeker as well as a teacher.
  • Each meditation is described for why to do this meditation, what will be the effect and what are the variations.
  • Each session is followed by the student’s questions and feedback.
  • Students go through a daily ‘live practice’ of designing, developing and taking sessions.
  • The training space is created based on awareness and presence where students can ask, recognize, share and question their feelings and purpose together in a playful and lighthearted way.

What will you get?

  • Worldwide Meditation Teacher Certification
  • Lifetime Meditation Usage + Group and Individual Teaching License
  • Lifelong group support
  • And you will get a few specials as mentioned below:

Meditation Script – You will get the scripts of all the meditations you will learn during the training along with the music.

Books – you will get three books written by Master Dev OM.

  1. The Cosmic Energy and Chakra – that’s about chakra therapy and how to manage your chakra energy naturally and how to connect with the universe and all the natural resources including the five elements.
  2. 21 Meditations for Empowerment – this includes 21 meditations along with the detailed scripts covering different aspects of human consciousness including physical wellness, emotional wellness, and mental wellness.
  3. The Light – this is a guidebook helpful for your inner transformation and spiritual growth. It covers the topic ranging from Sadhna, karma, bidirectional consciousness, the functioning of the mind, and how to become a divine being.

Master’s Music Library – you will get your Meditation Master’s music library, which includes all kind of music ranging from guided meditation music, active meditation music, passive meditation music,  dance music, keertan music, space creation music, and other all kind of required music to hold a workshop and training.

Class Video Recordings – You will also get the recordings of all the classes we will have during the training. This will help you to revisit any subject, makes your proper notes, revise and the entire course + have a ready reference for your life

Workshop Designs – and then you will get the actual design for several workshops and retreats based on different scenarios – like a program for corporates, a program for children, a program for women circle, a program for general people, a program for emotional wellness, a program for self-love and self-healing, a chakra workshop design and so on.

Authentic and Heartful Teachings – from the renowned meditation masters.

Complete Process – A complete practice, learning, teaching, being inspired by everyone in the group and share your inspiration in return.

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Learn from the master!

Dev OM is a friendly meditation master, author, and a Himalayan yogi. He is loved by his thousands of students worldwide who have attended his training and Satsangs in a total of 36 countries. He has helped several thousand of newbies to turn into meditators and has given spiritual coaching to hundreds of people in his 16 years of working. He has authored 12 books on meditation, chakras, energies and spiritual evolution with half of them being Amazon bestsellers.

Learn at the best place!

On the banks of Holy river Ganga in the Himalayas in Rishikesh, India.

  • At the world capital of Yoga and the meditation place for thousands of seekers and meditators since ancient times. Rishikesh is the place that produced many-many Yogis and Masters. Now it is your chance.
  • OM Meditation Ashram & Happiness Commune is situated inside Yog Niketan Ashram which is a very beautiful and serene ashram overlooking the holy river Ganga. In Rishikesh, one experiences a great flow of spiritual energies, and just living there is healing and meditation. It is a perfect place to dive deep into the process of discovering your inner master and to become able to share and teach the meditation to the world. The ashram has a beautiful garden, space to meditate in open under the sky, big yoga and meditation halls and neatly maintained rooms with good hygiene levels.

From Google Reviews:

  • It is without a doubt the best and most profound course I have ever taken. The level of detail, wisdom, and support you receive from Dev is unmatched. My experience with meditation was limited, but I was eager to learn more. With this course, you learn so much about yourself and life, and I’m truly grateful to have found it. After completing it, I feel I have become a different person with the tools and knowledge to lead a more balanced and positive life. Continuing my journey with Dev to lead a life of love and light is something I’m very excited about ❤️🙏

    Lucky Singh Avatar Lucky Singh
    January 11, 2023

    The experience has been fabulous. Had an agenda of identifying myself and would say have been not just able to achieve that but was also able to go beyond. The 10days which passed were never tiring and was always a new experience and energetic with different techniques everyday for different purpose.

    Er.Swapnil Shah Avatar Er.Swapnil Shah
    March 23, 2019

    Master Dev Om is incredible. I did the 100hour MTT with him and it was so much more than just that, a holistic experience which encapsulated a lot of inner work, discoveries and teachings. Such a caring and loving human, it was a pleasure to spend 8 days with him. Thank you Dev Om for all your wisdom, hope to meet you again soon!

    Travel4Purpose Avatar Travel4Purpose
    January 11, 2023

    With Dev Om, I completed a 100-hour online meditation course. Even though I am the same person before and after the course, I can still feel the subtle but powerful shift. This pre-recorded course is filled with so much value for the mind, body, and soul. It was filled with laughter, joy, and learning, making me feel like I was part of the group. It would be awesome to do another course with Dev Om, hopefully in person.

    Anupama Nandy Avatar Anupama Nandy
    December 11, 2022
  • I just finished an 100 hours self paced online meditation teacher training. It was a very beautiful and transformative experience. It gave me so much understanding about how does the energy work, and so much more for self growth. Dev is always here if you have some questions. He puts all his heart into the work with the students, what makes the course so unique and beautiful. Thank you Dev 🙏🌸💚
    It is a pre-recorded course, but I felt the group energy like it would have been live. What I liked the most? the idea that you do everything from your heart, and not from the books; meditation is life itself and not just a separate act; and dancing :)), it became my daily habit 🙂
    I am excited about 200 hours training, which I already started!
    Zivile from Lithuania

    Ragaujugyvenima Blog Avatar Ragaujugyvenima Blog
    May 28, 2022

    I have done a 100 hrs Mindfulness MeditationTeacher Training course in the online mode with Dev Om Sir, and I have learnt a new and transformed way of looking at life by being a witness to all life situations. I am currently undergoing a 200 hrs course with him.Dev sir is very jovial, friendly and clear. He has guided me so many times through his wisdom. He is always there whenever I needed any help or had any query about the course. What I liked the most about the course is that it is very well structured,his explanations on every topic is lively ,interesting and deep. The Meditation practices have transformed me from deep within. I feel so blessed to have found Dev Sir and I have taken the best decision to learn this course.I highly recommend it.

    Mousumi Phukan Avatar Mousumi Phukan
    August 23, 2021

    Master Dev Om taught me Meditation Teacher Training online for 100 hours. I was able to seamlessly transition from Meditation practitioner to Meditation teacher thanks to his patience, knowledge, and experience. Anyone who is looking for an insightful and compassionate meditation master should consider Dev Om.

    Shakshi Devi Avatar Shakshi Devi
    January 11, 2023

    I’m happy I took the step to study with Dev OM after completing the 100 online training sessions. It was a beautiful experience, and the course is rich in spiritual and meditative knowledge. It is fantastic and helps you learn and absorb knowledge on a deeper level than only mentally since you can feel the love and energy through your device even if it is online. I’m really happy to have a part in this.

    Tarunpreet Kaur Avatar Tarunpreet Kaur
    January 11, 2023

Book a Free Discovery Call with Master Dev OM

I am new to meditation. Can I join? 

Yes absolutely. Our course is designed to support a newcomer as well as an experienced meditator, and in fact, it will help you to develop an authentic spiritual practice in your life.

Why learn from us?

If you are the one who is becoming aware of the shift in your energies, and at the same time you need a non-pushy approach while still experiencing the depths of meditation then we are the right choice. You will learn meditation – in depth from all the ancient traditions but presented in modern style. Something, which is practical and with which the new age human can relate, can enjoy and can adopt in their lives.

We are a dedicated Meditation school. All our activities, pieces of training and courses are focused on meditation and building up a meditative life. Our founder is a world-renowned meditation master who has dedicated his life to spreading the light of meditation in people’s life. He has a rich and experience of taking meditation classes/talks in 30+ countries, having 12 published books and have guided several thousand people into meditation in his 14 years of working.

Many other schools are basically yoga schools that have also started offering meditation teacher training in the last couple of years. They are having their hands full of other kinds of courses and they hire people from outside to take classes. These schools are not dedicated only to meditation training. It surely makes a great difference to do one thing dedicatedly as a core focus rather than having your focus distributed among different things.

How this course can help me in my personal life and personal growth?

Participants of this course usually experience:

  • A lifetime shift of energy 
  • A deep self-discovery process
  • An amazing time of simple friendliness, total acceptance of your being, nonjudgmental atmosphere, sense of increasing peace and bliss inside and the abundance of pure Himalayan meditative energies.
  • Discovering your inner strength and true potential.
  • Becoming deeply connected with your true Self.
  • Develop a lifelong friendship and be part of an amazing support group with your fellow participants from all over the world.
  • A shift on a higher spiritual level in your practices.
  • A great improvement in your communication skills where you will start to speak from your heart, can express yourself honestly and clearly, can understand others truthfully and be understood.

Who is not allowed to join our meditation teacher training?

  • People who are suffering from major health conditions, recovering from surgeries or serious health issues and need assistance for movement.
  • People who are having any kind of severe addiction to alcohol or drugs of any kind and have a compulsive behavioral disorder.
  • People who are chronically suffering from high or low blood pressure.
  • People who are having severe arthritis, spondylosis or anybody who cannot sit the on floor for hours, or handle activities of a long day.

Included excursions:

  • As part of the program, the entire group goes for Cave meditation in the famous cave having the most potent energies of ‘Rishi Vashishtha – the guru of Lord Rama’ – One of the 7 main Vedic and divine meditator yogis in Indian spiritual and meditation system.
  • As part of the program, the entire group goes to the world-famous ‘Ganga Arti’ – A devotional prayer to holy river Ganga – a totally divine experience with Rishikumars doing Vedic chants.
  • Students get a chance to visit and meditate inside the famous Beatles Ashram with 84 Meditation tombs for personal meditation, where Beatles used to stay and meditate in 1968.
  • Students get a chance to experience the white water rafting and other adventure sports, trekking, hiking and camping in the Himalayan mountains before or after the course.

Sample Daily Schedule For Meditation Teacher Training

Flow Yoga / Mindfulness Practice/ Ganga Flow meditation practice 7:00  8:00
Breakfast 8:00  9:00
1st Meditation TTC Session  9:00 10:45
Tea /drink Break 10:45 11:15
2nd Meditation TTC Session  11:15 13:00
Lunch/Rest 13:00 14:30
3rd Meditation TTC Session  14:30 16:00
Tea Break 16:00 16:30
4th Meditation TTC Session 16:30 18:30


  Master Breathwork Training (optional)

Breath-work master training is independent of meditation teacher training. It includes breathing techniques from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, Sufi breathing techniques, Yogic breathing, Power breathwork, Zen breathing, Mindful breathwork etc.. total of 25+ techniques. and it happens after the meditation teacher training separately for 2 days.

These breathwork techniques are very powerful which take the practitioner from his/her external physical awareness/mindfulness to the deeper connection of the consciousness and then giving the experiences of connection/oneness/synchronicity. These are also very quick and strong techniques for corporate trainings and to deal with people who are very mind-oriented and have difficulty experiencing subtle things or energy flows. No-one can deny the breath and they feel the immediate meditative/mindfulness effect.

This training provides you with extra 25 meditation techniques and tools which are powerful, quick and works great in the corporates, companies and with those people who are new to meditation or do not believe in energies, etc. These breathwork techniques give them immediate experience and calm down their mind within minutes

Course fee and booking info for courses in Rishikesh : (Note – Resident Indians should please call me for prices in INR)

  • 100 Hours Residential Course fee In Ashram en-suite room with hot shower (Stay for 9 night 10 days + up to 3 nights of extra stay with food on us if you want to stay back and practice meditations.)
    • for a shared room with another student: € 980 –  Early Birds Discount € 100.
    • for a private room: € 1080 –  Early Birds Discount € 100.
    • with AC for a private room: € 1200 –  Early Birds Discount € 100
    • A couple booking in a private room with AC € 1980 –  Early Birds Discount € 150 (total for both people)
  • For the Non-Residential Course fee please contact.
  • Booking Confirmation Fee 300 Euros – Rest payment On arrival – Payment Option By 
  • What’s included In Course fee –
    • Meditation Teacher Training Course
    • Accommodation in a beautiful Ashram overlooking the holy river Ganga.
    • Ashram food: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Tea for all days.
    • Books + meditation audio + meditation music

Important Note: The booking amount is not refundable in any situation. The entire amount goes to book the room and space. However, if you have an unavoidable situation and can’t attend the course on the booked dates, then we give the flexibility to attend it on the next dates or online and the amount can be adjusted in that.

Get in Touch with Master Dev Om Enroll Now

Call/Whatsapp +91-9971608310 or email for more info.

100 hours Course fee and booking info for courses in Montreal Canada : 

Regular Non-Residential Course Price for:  100 Hours CAD 1650, Students / Early Birds Discount CAD 350 200 Hours CAD 2800, Students / Early Birds Discount CAD 200

(Nice Airbnb and Hostel stay options nearby)


Dev OM Meditation & Happiness Commune, c/o Yoga Niketan Ashram,

Yoga Niketan Trust, Muni-Ki-Reti, Ramjhula P.O. Shivanand Nagar, Pin-249192, Rishikesh, Uttrakhand state, India (

Phone No. +91 9971608310 / 7011604833 Email:

Dev OM Meditation Sangha:

Delhi- 1. E-297, GK2, Main Road, New Delhi. India.



Here is a link to Dev OM’s latest Podcast on an American channel.


Lindy and Mars welcome their first guest Dev OM, who was one of their meditation Masters they studied with, in India. Learn about Dev’s journey and studies with greats like the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, and Thich Nhat Hanh. Dev shares wisdom he has gathered since childhood through his career in bringing the internet to India to how he arrived at opening the Dev OM Meditation & Happiness Commune, in Rishikesh, India. Enjoy as Lindy and Mars sink deeper into the student/Master relationship and they explore questions like the meaning of life, overcoming triggers, how to know your dharma or life purpose, and advice for listeners to make a big shift. Dev provides this week’s guided mindfulness meditation called “Being of Light” which helped cure back pain Mars was experiencing and put Lindy into a deep sleep for the night! He is also offering listeners some very generous giveaways, so be sure to use the links below to receive his gifts.

By listening to this podcast one can have a fair idea about his approach towards meditation and a great life 🙂 He is also conducting one of his meditation in the end.

Meditation – The key to happiness? (EN) – Podcast with Dev OM recorded by a student.

I spent nine days with Dev OM and attended his wonderful Meditation Teacher Training. He inspired me so much that I invited him to this podcast episode. I feel very honored to do my first interview with him. In this interview, we are covering questions like “What does the world need meditation?”, “What’s the key to happiness?”, “How do you make it to the Dalai Lama?” Is a ten-day Vipassana meditation a “must” on a spiritual journey? ” and many more! Students speak about OM Meditation Teacher Training with Dev OM:


Fred Boyer
Fred Boyer
13:29 03 Jun 20
Amazing experience where I have not only met great souls but also met mine! Feeling stronger then ever and ready to share this light with anybody who needs it. Thank you Dev!read more
Daniela Rodríguez Londoño
Daniela Rodríguez Londoño
10:04 18 May 20
Meeting Dev has been an absolute blessing. It has a been incredibly liberating and empowering to have the opportunity to learn from him.I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning meditation and its benefits from a modern point of view. Dev has a beautiful and gentle way of inviting everyone to explore and to experience themselves in meditation, without restrictions or dogmas, but from a place of pure joy, love and freedom. I experienced deep transformations during and after the course and I am forever grateful for the support him and his wonderful team have given us all during that time and it continues to the present moment. It wasn’t only a journey focused on knowledge, but a continuous laughter and dancing ride, filled with unforgettable memories and precious beings that I will forever carry in my heart. So much love and gratitude to you Dev and to your outstanding team for the best Meditation Teacher Training I could ask for. 🙏🏽💜read more
Cathy Mahusay
Cathy Mahusay
08:34 05 May 20
Did the entire 100HR training ONLINE at the daily pace of the videos. The experience is quite mind blowing! The fact that you can come out with the ability to formulate workshops and the skills to share the techniques is actually just a bonus! Because the gift of feeling yourself EXPAND in such a short period is the real gem of a takeaway. Dev always made me feel he was there to answer my questions with honesty and AUTHENTICITY and also share in my progress and small victories. The SIMPLICITY of the techniques taught belie the fact that they give the most amazing experience without a hint of religiosity while remaining truly PROFOUND. The lessons are very APPROACHABLE and so easy to do on your own and yet here I am utterly transformed after just more
Hans Nijs
Hans Nijs
20:16 26 Apr 20
My Meditation Teacher Trainer did not only caused a profound expansion of conciousness in myself, it is also a very thorough training to becomes teacher. The coverage of the course is perfectly balanced between theory and practice, so you are clearly aware of your growth. It’s a life long gift to myself, I would highly recommend!read more
yadira perez
yadira perez
17:10 26 Apr 20
Dev is simple a magical person that you will want to take home with you at the end of your program. The meditation teacher training that Dev Om provides is spectacular, full of mindfulness and insight to improve your life and the lives of others. After his lessons, you will have a full understanding of many practices on meditation based on the Hindu traditions with a modern approach to apply to current times. His program also provides you a complete package of written and video materials to take home to build your practice and continue your more
Priyanka Bajpai
Priyanka Bajpai
05:23 21 Mar 20
It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Things I have learnt there & memories I have gathered there are so priceless. Anyone who has not practised meditation in life, should visit at least once visit Dev Om meditation centre. You learn not only meditation but also your personality develops and changes fully. This course teaches you the tact to deal with life . About Dev, he is an amazing teacher. His approach to teaching is more practical in a friendly way. Always happy and welcoming with a smiling face. He is more of a friend than a Guru or teacher. Overall Dev Om Meditation has changed my life to a great more
Kanika Bhalla
Kanika Bhalla
07:12 16 Mar 20
Fantastic experience. One of the few places around that specialize in Meditation, without clubbing it with Yoga. In fact, if you ask me, it’s much more than just meditation – Dev teaches you how to live life to it’s fullest using smart insightful more
Yashas Khosla
Yashas Khosla
11:43 12 Mar 20
Mystic Dev om is the living gem one has access to , his teachings are a great mind opener not only for those who have selected this journey organically but also for those who are non believers of the term meditation and spirituality. His aura encompasses one with love , knowledge and truth that penetrates the human mind with pure consciousness. A practical urban guru that makes you experience fundamentals of your own body through various mediation techniques. Love and light to everyone reading this review and reaching Dev more
Sushma Sagar
Sushma Sagar
09:40 11 Mar 20
The experience has been amazing on so many levels. Firstly Master Dev and team were supremely organised, attentive and quick to respond to any email, request, question or need, no matter how small. Master Dev was also widely available and was very happy to answer my many questions and speak on Skype before I booked. This was much appreciated, the whole thing was impressively well organised- more so than any training I have been on and I’ve done many. Secondly the actual course content was devised and considered so thoughtfully and logically. Each section flowed into the next and we covered so much without really feeling it. We learned about and practised many types of meditation each day. This also had a profound effect as each day went on and I found myself undergoing a transformation of sorts. The whole group bonded so strongly it’s been wonderful. Master Dev would be dropping bombs of wisdom all over us from morning to evening, my mind was continuously exploding with aha! moments it was illuminating. Master Dev is this unusual combination of spiritual and practical – in that he is quite modern in his approach and this served us well. From note taking, to how to design workshops to his agnostic approach to meditation in general. I liked it a lot. He is very approachable, down-to-earth and a lot of fun. The ashram was a real haven of peace and rejuvenation. No frills and exactly what and all that I needed for total mind body soul nourishment. Everyone so kind and friendly, a real pleasure of a place to stay. I’m so glad that life led me to do this course and I thoroughly recommend Dev as a teacher and guide . I received way more than I imagined or anticipated I would. A huge thanks to Harseerat & Ritu as well! See you for part 2 xxread more
k n Pavani
k n Pavani
11:26 12 Jan 20
My experience with the meditation course online is something that I can’t explain in words.I signed up just when doctors suspected cancer. I kept using being of light meditation repeatedly daily. The biopsy results were negative.Master Dev Om was very accessible to clear doubts. Many simple energy techniques that I learnt in the course, have a profound impact on my life, as I am practicing them repeatedly. I am able to see that people who attended my sessions post the online training recieved the energy well.As I am practicing the meditations regularly, my stress and anxiety are near zero. K N PAVANILife Craft Emotional & Spiritual Life CoachBangaloreread more
Kavita Das
Kavita Das
03:59 27 Nov 19
I met Dev Om in 2015, when life was uncertain, was little scattered and it was then he walked into my life, like Ray of sunshine. And ever since then life took a 360 degree turn. His insights on the journey of life opened up a whole new dimension, expanded my perspective, made me learn to love because it is only in loving oneself can one offer. Your vessel need to be full in order for you to give. Thank you Dev Om for guiding me to journey of life and more
14:39 01 Oct 19
Course content is good. Dev Om teaching is easier to understand and grasp. Join this to understand what meditation is more
Sitfairtex .
Sitfairtex .
16:09 25 Jul 19
One word: WOW!!!I just finished the teacher training in Montreal and I’m still in shock haha Dev as a special approach his connection is so powerful and he’s very down to earth ❣️He also showed us alot of main meditation techniques 👌🏼I feel ready to build more light in me and share it with the world ✨🌟✨read more
Anne-Sophie Robitaille
Anne-Sophie Robitaille
00:14 18 Jul 19
The OM medidation teacher training was amazing! I recommand this life changing experience to everyone. Thank you Dev for your dedication and authenticity. Love and light 💗✨read more
Nayami Spidera
Nayami Spidera
17:10 16 Jul 19
More connected then ever. More happiness, more grathfullness and the most important for me : more love. Do something for yourself. Offer to you the most beautiful gift. 🙏🤲💖read more
Rama Krishna S
Rama Krishna S
13:52 30 Mar 19
Nothing comes close to this. Had a fabulous experience and its best of my life. Intention was to become teacher but what i had experienced is way more than just certification. Managed to leave some masks or blocks i was holding. From bottom of the heart i sincerely thank Master Dev OM for creating great environment for learning, supporting beyond expectation and specially to the journey he took us over 12 days. What i liked most: >> non-judgemetal environment>> 14 beautiful and loving souls >> Master himself ( Dev OM ), and the smile he carries no matter the situation. >> Dev taught us the most important thing over and over, if you feel like doing something, just do it, dont ask for someones acceptance. Overall, never forget the stunning experience. I was having doubt and fear whether attending this retreat is good decision or not and today, after completing, there are no regrets. If you are looking to become better person and at the same time make new career as meditation teacher, Dev OM would be the right choice. Best gift you can give yourself. Pamper Yourself!Love ❤read more
Er.Swapnil Shah
Er.Swapnil Shah
16:17 23 Mar 19
The experience has been fabulous. Had an agenda of identifying myself and would say have been not just able to achieve that but was also able to go beyond. The 10days which passed were never tiring and was always a new experience and energetic with different techniques everyday for different more
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